Prosecco deals

Summer time!

As summer fast approaches and our thoughts turn to (hopefully) warmer weather, we imagine ourselves relaxing in our gardens or on a balcony with a nice cold glass of something sparkling perhaps. It got me thinking about sparkling white wines and what the difference is between Prosecco deals and Cava deals.

Prosecco is evergrowing in popularity and shows no sign of going out of fashion anytime soon. 150 million bottles of Italian Prosecco are produced on annual basis currently. Classed as the cheaper alternative to champagne and the main ingredient in the champagne cocktail the Bellini. It is an Italian white wine made of Glera grapes and sometimes could include other grape varieties. Often low in alcohol at normally no more than 12%, it doesn’t age well and should be drank within 3 years of its vintage ideally. Prosecco is normally sparkling but can be produced as a still wine if the perlage is correct.


Cava is the closer cousin to champagne. Often not as sweet as Prosecco, Cava is modelled on champagne and produced using a method known as the Champagne method. So it’s produced the same way as a champagne but not aged for quite as long. Cava is of Spanish origin and is produced mainly with Spanish grapes, often in the North East region of Spain. As with Prosecco, there are various types of Cava, such as Cava Brut (normally a very dry taste), Semi-seco and Reserva to name a few. Cava can be white or rose.


Price wise, Cava is generally the cheaper of the two but both cost considerably less than Champagne. Although Cava has more bubbles like Champagne, Prosecco has the sweeter taste and, therefore, tastes more like Champagne out of the two. Both are ideal as an aperitif before your meal or enjoyed on their own, in moderation. So go on go out there and find the prosecco deal for you!